Fine, excellent and
safe mist spraying

The ultrasonic vibrator converts various solutions directly into nano-particles
This is a safe spraying method that diffuses a solution as it is, without any chemical bonding

Uniform and fine spray can be used in a wide variety of mist, aromatherapy and natural diffuser

Nano-particle spraying

Various solutions spraying

Non-chemical spraying

Openable·replaceable cartridge
It diffuses your solution clearly

If you want mist spraying, put your solution into KUNK`s cartridge and use it.
Openable & replaceable cartridge structure prevents bacterial growth and spray clearly
Just put your mist, diffusing and DIY solution into the cartridge, it is done!

Openable cartridge

Easy to replace

Clean spraying

Situational automatic operation service

KUNK works automatically through your smartphone data for effective use
It is a beautiful rest for breathless and boring life


Me Time

Gives relax and refresh with soothing light
Therapy mode to help you relax in a busy day with aroma


Mist Time

It will spray, when your surrounding area is drying
Mist mode that can supply moisture to face and surrounding area

Derive TIME

Drive Time

Driving at a constant speed can cause drowsiness and tedious driving
KUNK checks this situation and makes you refresh



A simple setting lets you smell a specific time, such as wake up time
It is the new way to alarm without sounds and vibrations for you

Powerful performance lasting up to 360 seconds

With once charging, it is possible 5 days of standby and 85 minutes of continuous spraying
If you charge KUNK just for 30 minutes, KUNK will smell a day or more
You can check the amount of battery through the KUNK APP


spraying time

In standby

Emotion charging partner
in my hand anytime, anywhere

Put KUNK in the pouch and use it to replace the cartridge as needed
It is a reliable partner and can sometimes be a mist, a fragrant emotional charge and a rest