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Manual Downlaod

  • Press the button for long periods to turn on & off the power. When the power is on, white LED light will be flash. Also, press the button for short periods, LED light will be flash and solution will be sprayed.

  • KUNK provides cartridges that can be used separately for different purposes. If mist header is grey, spraying quantity is relatively high. If mist header is white, spraying quantity is normal. So, it is recommended to use the grey mist header for solutions such as mist.

  • The gel pad is very adhesive and will continue to stick unless you take it. If the adhesive is weakened by dust, it will be restored when it is washed in water. It is continuously usable.

  • Accessories related to the product can be purchased on KUNK online shop. KUNK online shop will open on July. Shop will be able to purchase mist header and cartridge separately and will guide you to purchase necessary accessories according to the degree of use.

  • KUNK can be used directly in the market product such as purified water, mist, low viscosity toner, and diffuser or it can be used as a DIY by the user. It is better to mix purified water according to the spraying amount after putting the desired solution and spraying. It is also good for DIY solution because it can spray up to 25% of aroma oil.

  • For the diffusers are sole in the market, use a non-chemical solution. Also, since the intensity of fragrance may vary depending on the type of diffuser, it is recommended to mix purified water.

  • You can enjoy the fragrance by mixing oil physically but KUNK recommends aroma oil that can be diluted with water, such as water-soluble aroma oil that is composed naturally. You can also use safe natural diluted raw materials.

  • Using the alcohol or cleaning solution sold at pharmacies, put and shake the cartridges and the spray headers can be used more cleanly through the spray these solutions. After cleaning, reuse the cartridge by rinsing it with purified water so that it can be washed away. Long term use of cartridges and mist header are not recommended.

  • You can download the app from each product of Alternatively, you can search for "KUNK" in the App Store on your smartphone and download it.

  • ① Please turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. If not, ask for permission to use Bluetooth when running your app. ② Run KUNK App. ③ On the KUNK first screen, press the “Register device” button. ④ If your KUNK device appears in the list, select your device. ⑤ Put your information and register the device. ⑥ If you see the main screen, pairing and device registration is complete. ⑦ You can check whether it is connected to the device in the upper right corner of the main screen.

  • We plan to release the APP on July with the product. Beta version is now on KUNK Homepage. It is available for download but not formal service.